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FX 2008 
26th-Jan-2008 06:25 pm
Bingo the clowno
Gossip from the con:

Adam West charged $50.00 for an autograph, probably why he had such a short line. Sigh. Yeah, I got one anyway. Hey, it's Batman and I haven't seen him before at a con. A LOT of people in the other lines were saying, "no way," though.

Zoe Bell was a sweetheart. Got Buddha's birthday gift, LOL

Nathan Fillion was personable and funny, just as you'd imagine. Shook our hands and asked our names and actually acted liked he cared or it mattered! Now THAT'S an great actor! Little Pig told him, "I thought you were great in Slither," and Nathan quipped, "I think I was too," LOL

George Takei was funny, LOL, surprised that Little Pig saw the Shatner roast. Surprised that Little Pig understood what was going on.

Ray Park (Darth Maul) was such a nice guy. Shook our hands. Little Pig couldn't decide which page Darth Maul should sign in his Star Wars cookbook and let Ray decide. He decided to sign both pages, the Darth Malt page and the dip with his face on it. Guess who's going to be, "Snake Eyes," in the new G.I. Joe movie?

Jake Lloyd (Anakin)is a sweet kid in college now, liberal arts college because his high school grades were so bad, LOL, told The Child to study hard. He didn't know too much about Star Wars when he got the part. His mom was a big fan. He was more into Darth Vader and wanted to be him, dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween. Funny how life has a way of working out, huh? His favorite part of the movie was the pod racing and it's one of his favorite games too, LOL. We told him to go to Disney Quest and play it there. He told The Child, "Yeah, we should go hang out," LOL

Ellen Muth is very cute and very nice. The Child is in love. He told her how much he liked her in, "Dead Like Me," (there's going to be a movie! Mandy Patinkin couldn't be in it but everyone else will be) and how pretty she is. LOL

Elizabeth Rohm (Law and Order) is pregnant.

Erik Estrada looks exactly the same. I think he brought a motorcycle too.

Huge rows of comic book artists and The Child was all over that. was a fun guy. Yes, Patrick the Wolf Boy is based off of his friend, Butch Patrick, LOL He's going to be doing Tiny Titans (based off of the Teen Titans, by George Perez, another artist The Child has met and sucked his brain dry of drawing/artists tips).
27th-Jan-2008 04:08 am (UTC)
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